Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Silverton Oregon Sublimity

On a recent trip to Silverton to see my workshop partner Barbara Bassett I was compelled to take some side roads into the lovely surrounding countryside. Newly harvested hay fields and the hint of fall color took me down a lane with this stunning view at the end.

I pulled over and sketched the line work of the tree trunks, the subtle light values in the curves of the field and the reddish purple in the trees. The sky held a light robin egg blue.  

I stood for a long time, taking in the visual feast as I caught the scent of the rich Willamette valley soil I grew up with in nearby Corvallis. 

The simplicity and elegance of this scene is what draws me in. That, and the knowledge that my great, great grandparents homesteaded in this landscape so very long ago. 

I’ll post the final painting next week!

1 comment:

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