Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A painting adventure while kayaking

Have you ever painted in a kayak from the middle of a high desert lake?

I got the idea on a warm, clear day recently and acted on it. I tucked my "Have Brush Will Travel" art kit in my backpack, drove the 40 minutes up to Elk Lake, rented a kayak and paddled out to the best view to paint.

It was a blissful experience, dipping my watercolor brush in the lake, letting the watercolor flow everywhere and then "baptizing"  my painting in the lake at the end - to fuse the colors. All the while, my kayak was rocking to the soft waves created by the gentle wind.

There is a sweet freedom that comes from painting for the sheer joy of it!

Let it flow!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Art, Ireland and a Music Tour

Ireland Coast ~ Achill Island

I recently had the pleasure of going to Ireland on a music tour.

There is much I could write about the music, the pubs, the landscape and the fish and chips throughout Ireland, but it was the kind spirit of the Irish people that was the most compelling of all. Everyone, from the wild seascapes of Achill Island to the playful town of Dingle Peninsula, was gracious and kind.

I tucked my small kit of watercolor supplies and handmade book with 300 lb. watercolor paper in my back pack and filled the pages with the rich greens of the Irish landscapes.

Here I am, sitting on a rocky cliff at the water's edge in Doolin and the painting below is what I captured in my sketchbook using the water of the Atlantic!

Have Brush Will Travel!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Capturing a Travel Memory in Santa Barbara

On a recent trip to Santa Barbara with my workshop partner Barbara Bassett, we discovered a restaurant named BLUSH

The food was incredible, and even more amazing was their Blush Margarita!

I pulled out my watercolor book, travel brush, paints and collapsible water container and quickly captured the drink and ingredients.

Quickly - because the drink was sooo good!

(Next post will be a bird's eye view of Lake Tahoe!)